3G and 4G Services

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After going through different studies, reviews and articles of different authors we came to the result that 3g and 4g services have both negative and positive impact of country’s economy. Focusing several developing countries as a background like China 4G Specifies Stronger Economic Growth For China: MIIT experts believed that the issuance of 4G licenses, which symbols a innovative era in China's high-speed mobile system, is expected to lift the country's economic growth beside with an rise in information consumption demand. China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom will bargain 4G mobile network services countrywide. Moreover, the 3G system in a straight line gave 211 billion Yuan to China's GDP growth and added 1.23 million occupations during the primary three years after it was put into exploit in 2009, according to the MIIT. Furthermore, The Philippines is experiencing healthier socio-economic enlargement due to third-generation (3G) network services, rendering to a report by telecom firm Qualcomm. The report mentioned South Korea, South Africa, Thailand, and the Philippines as examples of countries with 3G deployment, and how this substructure affected their corresponding economies. Between the more prominent points in the study are the flourishing in job formation in the telecommunications segment, formation of innovative products and services geared towards exact mobile marketplace segments, and comfortable experience for consumers who command a

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