5 Things Every New Content Marketer Should Know

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5 Things Every New Content Marketer Should Know
When I took a content strategy position three months ago, I thought I knew what I was getting myself into. Come in, look at my to-do list, and write for eight hours, right? Wrong.
Content marketing may be a booming trend, and the number of content marketers and strategists is increasing weekly, but there aren’t too many resources out there for anyone new to the job. Even with a solid understanding of the purpose of content marketing, and a strong affinity for writing, I was still caught off guard by how different – and sometimes difficult – my position turned out to be.
I’ve compiled five important tips for new content marketers, or anyone who’s thinking about entering the industry, that I hope will help clear some of that initial shock and better prepare you for your new job.
You Do a Lot More than Write
I’ve run out of fingers and toes on which to count the number of times I’ve relayed my title or brief job description to someone, only to hear “so you just write all day? Gosh, I couldn’t do that!” It then inevitably becomes a ten minute struggle to explain that I do so much more than “just write.”
Here are some handy pie charts that might help explain.

There are some days where I do maybe only an hour or two of writing, depending on my schedule. This isn’t abnormal by any means. Content marketers essentially have to run the show from start to finish, which means doing the research, drafting, writing, editing, and even

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