7 Advantages Of The Ultimate New York Diet

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Many seem to know exercise and diet is important, but that it can be better than medicine is surprising to some. However, it is no surprise to those dinning on raw food, especially after having had past episodes experiencing ill health. Raw food enthusiasts often imply the benefits of dinning the raw food way, as obtaining true health, the very best thing to do for your body. "Cooked foods cannot create true health because they are missing some very vital elements needed by the body for its optimal functioning, things like enzymes, oxygen, hormones, phytochemicals, bio-electrical energy and life force." When foods are heated, especially above 105 Fahrenheit (f) degrees they begin to lose all of it. " They say that after 118 degrees f "Most …show more content…

He has trained celebrities who live fast-paced lives in New York and elsewhere with his Ultimate New York Body Plan system. Now, with his Ultimate New York Diet book and website, he offers his plan, plus faster work-outs, to everyone. The Ultimate New York Diet is a plan combining nutrition and fitness to promote weight loss, muscle toning, shaping, and increased energy. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of the plan. 7 Advantages of the New York Diet 1. Kirsch offers tasteful recipes in his book and on the internet, including a free daily recipe on the homepage. These include Mediterranean Chicken Stir-Fry, Tuna Cobb Salad, Asian BBQ Chicken Kabobs, Spaghetti Squash and various ways to prepare it, and more. Generally, foods are readily available, with moderate preparation skills necessary. 2. Suitable meals from chain restaurants, such as Olive Garden, are also included. 3. You won't go hungry on this diet. It includes protein, which is filling and will help you adjust to your new eating habits. 4. The original 2-week diet plan starts off with a fitness test. This way you will not be given exercises you can't handle. If you're not ready for the regular plan work-outs, Kirsch offers an online tool with pre-plan exercises and a place to journal your progress. 5. Mini work-outs are also part of the plan. If you don't have time to work out 90 minutes as the 14-day plan requires, you can do shorter work-outs in any 10-minute break. Suggestions for home and office work-outs are provided. 6. A long-term plan is described in the book, which enables you to not only lose weight to begin with, but also to keep it off and help you make healthy food choices for yourself and your family. 7. You can eat anything that does not contain sugar. This includes bacon that is not cured in sugar, beef, most vegetables, and nuts and seeds. Sample Daily Plan The following recipes can be found in Kirsch's book or

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