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Strategic Management The Strategy Experience Lecture 8 Mark Anderson WRSX GLOBAL ADVERTISING & MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS The Strategy Experience • You will act as a main Board Director of the WRSX Group, a (fictional) global advertising and marketing communications company. • Your responsibility will be to make long-term, strategic decisions in order to manage the growth and prosperity of this large, multi-national organisation. • Performance will be measured in both financial and nonfinancial terms but ultimately on how decisions influence the share price of the organisation. The Strategy Experience Specific skills and competency development will include: • Evaluating corporate, business and operational strategies • The development …show more content…

– Should the Group be centralised or decentralised? How can this be achieved? Phase Two: Strategic Choices Develop a 2-3 page summary of: • The strategic choices for growth available to WRSX – – – – Directions Methods: organic, M&A, alliances Business & Corporate Strategy International growth To be completed by: Friday 9 January 2015 Phase Two: Strategic Choices The strategic choices for growth available to WRSX • Directions: – Services: Specialised or broad based provider of integrated solutions? – Markets: Target specific industries? Seek geographic growth? • Methods: – organic, M&A, alliances? How has past success been achieved? • Business & Corporate Strategy: – Address aspects of ‘broad v niche’; address role of the board (parent) and relationship between business units • International growth: – Relevance? Where? How to achieve? Phase Three: Strategy in Action The Board Meetings • Objective: maximise shareholder value by making a series of strategic decisions at Board level • Six board meetings over a period of five weeks • Each represents six months Start: Monday 12 January 2015 Complete by: Friday 20 February 2015 2-3 page summaries: – The opening strategic position and – The strategic options for WRSX • Support documents available on StudySpace and ‘The Strategy Experience’ • Multiple choice questions (on TSE) will also guide you • These will be the reference point for your decision making in the Board Meetings during Phase

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