92 Golf Aka Culinary Specialist: A Case Study

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The MOS I wound up with is 92 Golf aka Culinary Specialist. While I know a little bit about cooking, this wouldn't have been my first choice. I really wanted something in the 68 medical series. The reason why I ended up with 92G was because I wasn't allowed to see the list of MOS jobs available to me until my moral waiver was approved, and most of the other MOS jobs were not up for grabs by the time I was given the green light. With time running out on my age, there's no wait for more MOS jobs to open, so I had to pick an available MOS at the MEPS liaison with a ship date before the 35th birthday limit. There was also very little time to review the few other present MOS jobs in the liaison since so many other applicants were in line to
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