Who 's Cookin As A Catering Business

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1.0 Introduction

Who’s Cookin’ is a catering business that launched in 1975 that serves customers with great food and service for their event needs. Operating in 5 different locations in South East Brisbane, the business is looking to expand to 10 different locations across other cities in the near future. Who’s Cookin’ has however been gradually declining over the past few years as the business is obsolete when it comes to customers wanting efficient and time-saving solutions when ordering for catering services. The business have manual cashiers that take a lot of time to use for cashiers, and have no reliable resources to store data of orders when filing. In order for the business to improve and update, a bank loan of $100,000 has been applied from Who’s Cookin’ to transform the business with 21st century technology to potentially own the latest Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Information Systems (IS), and Computer Based Information Systems (CBIS). This enhancement will allow Who’s Cookin’ to have digitalized cash registers, computer devices for storing important business data, fund local TV advertisements, and even sustain funding a website and phone application for customers to order online. The business will run more time efficiently if the company technology was improved. It would also increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction overall.

2.0 Business Background, Organisation Strategy, Objectives and Competitive

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