A Baby Born with a Heart Defect

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A 7 month old male infant was born with a Double Outlet Right Ventricle. He underwent surgery one day after he was born. He had a BT [Blalock-Taussig] shunt placed to help with movement of the blood throughout his body and decrease the resistance on the pulmonary arteries. He was sent home five days after that surgery in May. Then on September 29th he was brought to Morton Meese Plant Hospital with dyspnea and in severe respiratory distress. He was transferred to All Children’s hospital that day. At the point he arrived at all children’s hospital he was very sick. He was intubated with nitric oxide inhaled through the ventilator. It was found that this was not working for him they placed him on Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation…show more content…
Then work on getting him his surgery to fix his heart. He has already had two surgeries. He is at this time; he is awake most of the time and we should be looking to him getting off the ventilator soon. It is explained more on how much the baby has to go to get better from their heart defect. It really depends on the severity and how complicated the surgery is to fix the defect. It is said that most children go through one surgery after it is found then when they get to a certain age or size the defect will be fixed permanently. It sometimes goes by a case by case basis. If they are treated and keep up with the treatment when they are waiting for the final surgery they will be fine. Double outlet right ventricle (DORV) is a rare congenital heart defect (the baby is born with it) involving the "great arteries" (the aorta and the pulmonary artery). In a normal heart, the aorta exits from the left ventricle and pumps blood to the body, while the pulmonary artery exits from the right ventricle and pumps blood to the lungs (where it picks up oxygen). In DORV, the aorta and the pulmonary artery both come out of the right ventricle [Cleveland, 2011]. The cause is really not known. This is also a cyanotic heart defect. The baby will have a grey or blue appearance in the lips and fingers. The symptoms are a heart murmur, breathing problems, SOB, rapid breathing, difficulty eating or
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