A Bit Of Black Business

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Pauline Whyman’s short film Backseat is a film like no other and is yet another eye opening intriguing film in the new Indigenous Australian short film series A Bit of Black Business. It promises to intrigue you through the fantastic acting and the unique yet effective storyline that makes up the film.

A Bit of Black Business is a series of thirteen short films produced by Indigenous Australians addressing many socio-cultural circumstances. There’s films representing Indigenous communities as mysterious to others representing them as courageous to even outrageous. They cover a broad range of topics. Some cover serious topics like relationships, others cover Indigenous unemployment and some are humorous while also addressing issues. The films promise to cater for everyone, no matter what your interests are. This new series is being unveiled for the first time at the 2015 In the Bin Festival.

In the Bin, Australia’s largest touring short film festival has decided to dedicate a day to show the new film series. In the Bin is an iconic festival showcasing films from rural and regional Australia, making it one of the most unique festivals in Australia. It is surely a festival not to be missed.

Backseat, is just one of the amazing films on showcase, however it is very unique as it aims to explore one of the most serious issues faced by Indigenous Australians both in the past and today, in an emotion drawing unique manner. The focus of this film is to explore the issue today

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