A Brief History of Iraq

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Iraq borders Turkey to the North and Iran to the East. Iraq was colonized by Great Britain in particular, British efforts to colonize and govern Iraq were miscalculated and self serving, resulting in the creation of an unbalanced and violent nation, divided along ethic and separation lines of many different ethnic backgrounds. The failures of the Cairo Conference along with the lack of understanding between Britain’s understanding of the Arab nationalist movement and the appointment of Faisal as King, have led to conflict and violence as unity has been disabled within the country. Conflict in Iraq can be contributed to early colonization/westernization and Al-Qaeda.
Early colonization within Iraq and the British rule over Iraq created a lot of turmoil and uncertainty within the country. During the infamous World War 1 the British attacked the Ottoman Empire in Iraq, Britain came in with a bang and wanted to put its own influence on the country immediately. The British army sought out local sheikhs to implement power over the population. The British had hoped to empower the Sheikhs by giving them the authority to arrest criminals and collect taxes based on their own set of beliefs, and in return the British decided to give the Sheikhs subsidies and weapons and would even sometimes lend them soldiers. Nationalist aspects of understanding were put into force by Iraq at the time, but British rule quickly eliminated any talk of nationalism within Iraq. With not many people

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