A Brief Note On American Psychological Association Style

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How to Write in APA Format

American Psychological Association Style
The style that is used for accountants is the American Psychological Association Style (APA). If you ever write a paper for an accounting course, you must follow the APA guidelines so you can understand the writing style, how to format your paper, and how to cite your sources.

This is just a summary of the main points of how to write an APA paper, but the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association offers a more detailed guide on how to write an APA paper.

APA Format
A formal accounting paper should include the following:
• A 1 in. margin at the top, bottom, left, and right of each page
• Double-spaced text throughout the whole paper
• 12pt. Times New …show more content…

If you put a reference in your bibliography, then you must use an in-text citation. An in-text briefly shows the reader the last name and the date of the work that you are referencing. The reason of why you do this is that it lets the reader easily located the research in the bibliography. Here are the five most popular in-text citations:

• When there is only one work by one author, you simply place the last name and the publication date at the end of the reference.

Steve Barks (2014) found that accounting is in the top 10 safest job in the United States (Barks, 2014).

• When there is one work with two authors, you list both authors every time just as you would with only one author. When there are more than two authors you list every author the first time, then every other time you list the first name followed by et al. and the year of the publication.

Barks, James, and Clark (2015) found that quick books is one of the best programs for accountants (Barks, James, and Clark, 2015)

Barks, James, and Clark all graduated from Western Kentucky in 2004 (Barks et al, 2015)

• When there is a group of authors (such as a corporation or an association) you spell out the full name of the group in the first citation and then abbreviated in each citation afterwards.

The National Association of Accountants (NAA, 2004) found that only three percent of accounting majors are without a job (National Association of Accountants, 2004)

The NAA (2004) is spend countless hours on

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