A Brief Note On Civil War And Its Effects On The United States

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Civil War Civil War is defined as a war between citizens of the same country. Why would America have this fight? The Northern states of America decided that they would no longer tolerate the Southern states treating African Americans as slaves because of the color of their skin. When disputes were brought up over this issue between the North and South, the South was too persistent to have slaves. They worried that the North would be successful in abolishing slavery, so in result, the South went against the North. There were many elements that the Civil War was known for, some of the main ones were causes, key figures, battles, and the outcome of the war. Before looking into things that happened during the Civil War, it is important to know the causes of the war, two causes are their different lifestyle and sectionalism. The first problem was that the North and South had very different lifestyles. That could be the reason why the South felt the need to have slaves. The North was known for manufacturing and having more business and the South was known for working in the fields. The Southerners were depending on the slaves to get the work done for them and they had so many that they were one third of the population (Wise). The next problem was that both sides thought their power should go to different people. The North was loyal to the country while the South was only loyal to the states that agreed with them. Many federal government and state laws were passed, causing

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