A Brief Note On Diabetes And The American Diabetes Association

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Treatment There are a few main areas to look at when talking about treating type one diabetes according to the American Diabetes Association. One of those areas is monitoring your blood glucose levels. Blood glucose is also known as blood sugar and checking this regularly will help your doctors ensure that your medication is effectively treating your condition. The American Diabetes Association recommends keeping a blood glucose log, and patients can find one on their website. A few complications that can occur if your blood glucose levels waver is Hypoglycemia, which is having low blood glucose, and Hyperglycemia, which is having high blood glucose. Keeping a log of your blood sugar levels will also help to determine if there is…show more content…
The most common method of injecting insulin is by using a syringe, but other ways in which to administer injections are with insulin pens or an insulin pump. From all of the information I have gathered on insulin, it seems to be a very time sensitive form of medication for diabetes. Unsurprisingly, insulin injections are also a necessary treatment for those with type one diabetes. A third main area of treatment is exercise, which is said to help better stabilize a patient’s blood glucose levels. Aerobic exercise, strength training, stretching, balance exercises, and walking are some of the activities and forms of exercise specifically recommended by the American Diabetes Association for people who are facing type one diabetes. Aerobic exercise is a way for you to help your body use insulin better and it can help to lower your blood glucose levels. The American Diabetes Association website also elaborates by saying that strength training can help in lowering an individual’s blood glucose levels and can make your body more sensitive to insulin. A few tips to help patients become more active in their everyday lives are to talk your dog for a walk, play with your kids, walk down every aisle of the grocery store, and take the stairs instead of the elevator to get from the parking garage to your office in the morning. Treatment for type one diabetes will also tend to focus on your nutrition. The American
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