The Treatment Of Pancreatic Transplants

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Pancreatic transplants have had a lot of advancements over the last several years to help patients with Type 1 DM and the complications that arise from the disease. The increasing numbers of people with diabetes is cause for concern. In some cases diabetes can be prevented but in others its more about genetics; but with many medical advances patients have a better chance for survival. With advancements in surgical procedures pancreatic transplants are improving as well as the increased odds of curing Type 1. When this happens this will decrease the number of other co-morbidities like DKA, heart disease, nephropathy, blindness, and even amputation from infection and decreased blood flow to the extremities. I see on a daily basis the …show more content…

Diabetes effects all body systems not just the endocrine. All three types can effect and cause damage to the neurological, renal, and circulatory systems.

There are different treatment options for Type 1 and 2 diabetes that include oral medications, insulin injections, and insulin pumps(Diabetes and Kidney Disease). Oral medications are the most commonly used because of their ease of use and usually lowers the hemoglobin A1C effectively but can at times cause hypoglycemia (glucose levels falling below normal range of values). Oral medications are also mostly used for Type 2. Insulin is the method of choice in type 1 diabetes treatment plans. Insulin injections help reproduce the secretions of the pancreas. There are two types of insulin that is used, long acting and short acting. These help to better manage a person depending on meal consumption, caloric intake, and carbohydrate intake. Another way to manage type 1 is by an insulin pump. An insulin pump delivers continuous subcutaneous infusion of insulin (Lemur and Batuman 210). Only 1 insulin is used in a pump, fasting acting. Also a pump can be programmed to release different amounts of insulin depending on the time of day to better manage glucose levels without multiple injections daily.

Diabetes can lead to other co-morbidities making the body more difficult to manage and maintain balance. When this happens a condition called

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