A Brief Note On Legislative Branch And Executive Branch

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Hi, my name is Legislative Branch. I was born in 1787, when my founders needed to make a set of rules to govern the nation. My founders wanted to protect the citizens, and prevent government abuse. They figured out a solution, divided up the government, and wrote the Constitution. That’s how I have two siblings, Judicial Branch and Executive Branch. There needed to be a plan to divide the power. My aunt Virginia had a plan. The plan was to divide the legislature into two houses. In one house the people would elect the members for a three year term. The second house would be made up of older members chosen by the state legislature for a seven year term. With both of these houses, the population would depend on the seating. A little bit …show more content…

Then, there is my house, The Senate. This house in my favorite. In this house there are two members from all fifty states, so there are one hundred members. The members are chosen by state legislatures, and have six-year terms. The Vice President plays the role of President in the Senate when there is a tie while voting. The main powers this house has it to accept President’s appointments, and ratify treaties. There were some very important people in my houses. Such as, Richard Bassett. Richard served in the military during the Revolutionary War, and succeed as a lawyer and planter. Richard attended the Constitution, but had no contact with anything. Eventually Richard, the good man he was, hopped into the Senate house. He voted for the power of the President to be able to remove governmental officers, and voted against the federal belief of state debt. Bassett held the chief justiceship of the courts of common pleas. Eventually he became the governor of Delaware, and retired. There was another great man, but in the House of Representatives. His name is Jonathan Dayton. Dayton served in the military, and spent most of his time on legal speculation, and politics. He was chosen as a member to be at the Constitutional Convention. After the Convention, Dayton became a Federalist legislator. Jonathan became the Speaker of the House, in both, the Fourth and Fifth Congress. During his time here

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