A Brief Note On Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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Introduction Robert Wood Johnson Foundation was founded by Robert Wood Johnson II who established it at his death with shares of his company. He built the business Johnson & Johnson which is solemnly the maker of health products. The foundation offers grants for health issues ranging from helping reduce child obesity to training heath care workers that is doctors and nurses. Institute of Medicine newly known as National Academy of Medicine is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that has been providing advice on health, medicine and biomedical science. It serves as a prominent and respectable national adviser on the improvement of health issues that are unbiased and evidence based. Also advice on the health care policy, on the policy makers, leaders of every sector and the public and also the professionals. Their advice is always taken serious and changes have been made in so many areas. After knowing the history of these two organization, in this paper will look at how they came up with the future of nursing report, the importance of the report and the future of nursing that is campaigning for action. This paper is really looking at the impact the IOM 2010 report has had on the future of nursing and what has improved since then. The main purpose of the report is to make nursing profession great in the provision of care to the public and to be well respected by everyone. Institute of Medicine Report In 2008, The Robert Wood
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