A Brief Note On Shaffer Steel : A Successful Family Run Business

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Shaffer Steel was a company that was started by one man, sitting in the basement of his apartment building in 1963. He had a single phone line, a list of people that he had worked with in the past, and the skill set for being a steel salesman that he had gathered from prior experience in various different professions. Over half a century later, Shaffer Steel is a successful family-run business, which employs half of my family, including the founder, who is my grandfather. Growing up with a background such as this one has taught me many valuable lessons. The most important of these lessons include dedicating myself to every task I am assigned through being loyal and attentive to those who I work for. My values have revolved around putting everything into my work despite any difficulties that arise from the job at hand. By coming from a family-owned business, I have been taught to work hard in everything I do, and make genuine connections with both colleagues and employers, in order to maximize the experience that I receive from any given occupation. The most valuable way to gain a skill is through being taught by an expert in the field. After observing these instructions, using skills in a hands-on environment is the most beneficial way to learn. By applying to this program, I am hoping to gain experience that cannot be taught in a classroom. In the two fields that I am studying, public relations and political science, there is no doubt that lessons taught in the classroom

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