Business Case Study: Interstate Batteries

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In 1952, after two years of selling batteries to local wholesalers out of the back of his pick up in the Dallas Fort worth area John Searcy started his own company. Mr. Searcy named his company after the newly built road that crisscrossed the entire country; Interstate. Interstate stood for opportunity and connection. Mr. Searcy understood that with hard work and sound business principals the new interstate system would provide for the first time ever streamlined access to many distribution points. Just as important as the actual roads were to Mr. Searcy business so were fundamental business practices. Today those practices can be seen in the companies stated core values; Love; treat others like you'd want to be treated. A Servant’s Heart; lead with what people need. Excellence; do great things with the gifts you've been given. Courage. learn, improve and boldly drive change that matters. Fun; work hard, laugh often. Team; together, we’re better. And Integrity; Be who you are and live up to your commitments. These core beliefs have propelled Searcy’s fledgling company founded out of the back of a pick up truck in to a billion-dollar, privately-held corporation that continues to thrive using strategic process innovations and strong business principles. In 1978 Mr. Searcy handed over the reigns of his company to Norm Miller, its current Chairman. Mr. Millers unabashed Christian beliefs can be seen clearly in it’s mission statement “glorify God and enrich lives as we

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