A Brief Note On Staffing Within Schools And Schools

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IV. Staffing
Staffing within schools is one of the most important aspects of an educational system. Without reliable, hardworking workers, the students’ education could be greatly affected. One of the biggest issues world-wide is that schools are teaching to the “typical” student. Therefore, students who are struggling or excelling compared to the “average” student are being left behind. Students who are struggling are not receiving the help they need; they are rather being failed, or ignored. On the other hand, students that are excelling are not being pushed to their full potential and are forced to stay on track with “average” students in their class. The Genovia directors of education has taken this matter into account and has created …show more content…

This training keeps the teacher up-to-date on the goals and curricula as well as techniques to help a student’s learning experience successful.
In order for teachers to be fully prepared in the classroom, we are giving teachers extra prep time (Anderson, 2015). Teacher preparation helps students develop the knowledge of the subject and skills needed to teach the subject in the classroom. Therefore, our educational system is developed with seven weeks of classroom time and one week off so teachers can discuss with their peers about future lessons. This system of well-prepared teachers will produce higher student achievement.
Being the teacher of a crowded classroom full of students comes with great responsibilities. One teacher is incapable of answering every question each student has. Therefore, every teacher will be assisted by a teacher’s aid (Anderson, 2015). The teacher’s aid must be a college graduate and have a preferred Master’s degree. Also, he or she must go through training as well so he or she can stay well informed along with the teacher. The teacher’s aid will be in the classroom with the head teacher to help with the students. Building teachers aid into the system will help make certain that every student is receiving the help they need. In addition, mentors will be available for students. The mentors will track and evaluate the students to make sure they are receiving the resources they need and notice

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