A Brief Note On Systemic Approach And Social Services

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Systemic Approach
‘No person is an island’; that is the term which McLean and Harrison (2011) uses to define how everyone’s world intermingles with others. Contact is in the form of interaction between the microsystems, including family and schools, as well as wider links, such as macrosystems, and the cultural norms, values and belief that are learnt through socialisation. I was well aware that improving Child R’s well-being meant not just attempting to change the child’s attitude but, since they are a massive influence, encouraging his family to think differently and relate to the child positively too . Promoting family modification was not easy as behaviours which necessitated consistent involvement within social services means this particular family is classed as ‘hard to change’. According to Thoburn (2009) some children from ‘hard to change’ families are more vulnerable as ‘characteristics’ can make them a prime target for abuse. Thus, child R is a candidate for abuse as he is ‘singled out for rejection’. However, by encouraging family togetherness to strengthen the family unit, I was aiming to eradicate abuse. I thought father and son would benefit from some quality time together to allow them to form a closer relationship. Listening to child R discuss things he has in common with his father, I realised that they both have a shared interest in science fiction. My suggestion was for the pair to indulge their passion by watching ‘Star Wars’ at the cinema. Child

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