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ISIS and Foreign Involvement In Syria civil war has been raging since March 2011. The conflict an attempt to overthrow the second Assad regime, led by Bashar al Assad, and multiple rebel groups, including the Free Syrian Army (FSA), the Islamic Front, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria(ISIS), and Jabhat al-Nusra (the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda). Like his father, who held power before him, Bashar al Assad has been a corrupt tyrant who rigged elections and eliminated personal freedoms. Two important contributors to the development of civil war in Syria were the drought that began in 2006 and the Arab Spring. The drought left many civilians in poverty, in need of support from the government, which was never provided. This caused…show more content…
ISIS then extended their efforts into Syria, opposing Assad and his Alawite/Shiite government. Making the Syrian situation even more complicated, Kurds from Eastern Syria seek to establish their own independent Kurdish state. The Syrian National Coalition was formed in 2012 as a government that could replace the Assad government, but the Assad regime refuses to relinquish power.

The Netherlands Stance on the Syrian Civil War: In his address to the UN general Assembly on September 27, 2013, the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs discussed The Netherlands’ priorities of keeping order in the world:
“The Netherlands advocates a coherent agenda to strengthen the international legal order. A peaceful world demands a sustainable legal order and a powerful agenda for development. It demands a strategy for disarmament and a focus on human rights . These are the principles of the Netherlands ' foreign policy.” So, focus on human rights, maintaining legal order, and promoting economic development are the principles that guide the Netherlands 's stance on the Syrian Civil war and how the UNSC should be involved in it. While the Netherlands is in agreement with the US, the United Kingdom and France in opposing the Assad regime, support sanctions against it and also oppose ISIS, they have not been active supporters of any of the rebel groups. The Netherlands has stated
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