A Brief Note On The And The Russian Conflict

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Novorossiya is a confederation that emerged during and because of the current Ukrainian Conflict. Also known as New Russia or Union of People 's Republics, it consists of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People 's Republic and Luhansk People 's Republic. It was founded on 24 May 2014 by the signing behind closed doors of the agreements between self-appointed leaders of the two People’s Republics. Neither Donetsk People 's Republic nor Luhansk People 's Republic are recognized as a sovereign states by any country or intergovernmental organizations and institutions. Russia, too, despite its support to the cause, has never officially referred to Novorossiya as a confederation. Both of the People’s Republics, however, are classified as terrorist …show more content…

Looking back, once you add all of those factors, it seems that the emergence of the crisis should not have come as any type of surprise, but it did. Although now, with foresight, it is easy to say that the rise of the crisis was predictable and inevitable, no one, at the time, expected events to develop as they did.
To be able to fully understand the purpose and the actions of the Novorossiya terrorist groups, one must first understand what caused the Ukrainian Conflict to erupt and the many developments that happened thereafter.

Ukrainian-Russian relationship and history

Historically, Russia and Ukraine have had a close and complex relationship, which is important to understand before making any type of judgments on why the current Conflict evolved as it did. Although, it is wrong to say that this relationship had always been a peaceful one, the countries have constantly been closely intervened.
Their common history dates back to the Kievan Rus (882-1240), which is considered the beginning of the Russian Nation but was geographically located on what is now Ukrainian land, and more specifically Ukraine 's capital - Kiev. Following this, Kievan Rus became the Russian Empire,

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