A Brief Note On The Athlete 's Training Program Essay

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Periodization in Bodybuilding

You may ask why the use of periodization in training programs? , well the goal of periodization is to help maximize what you gain of your training while reducing the risk of getting injured in the long term. The way this is done is with an intelligently designed training year program that contains smaller blocks of time that each has its specific goal and priority. This kind of overall schedule includes many aspects of an athlete’s training program and it may include specific training such as; strength training, conditioning, plyometric, and also any specific sport activities. However in this essay I will specify the use of periodization in bodybuilding which is a sport that has become very popular in recent times.
What is Periodization?
In simple terms, Periodization is the planning and organization of training. When periodization is used in sport, it is usually used based on achieving specific goals such as gaining maximal physical capabilities (strength, power, speed, etc...) for a given period of competition. For example in bodybuilding, the training may be planned around a specific competition.
In bodybuilding periodization is not an unusual thing, in fact most bodybuilders “periodize” their training anyway and this is to reach their specific goal whether it is to reduce body fat or bring up a lagging body part. Generally speaking, if you have an aim to reach a goal by a given time, then in actual fact you are using periodization.
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