A Brief Note On The Fast Food Industry Essay

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2.3 Fast food sector The commercial activity has a great importance in México, independently of the different categories on the market, especially in the fast food sector, since the remarkable growth in the sector sales has been accelerated, as well as the amount of companies where this sort of products are promoted and commercialized. The fast food market is constituted by the companies, as well as small ones or transnational, dedicated to the manufacturing of food consumption products; in that manner, since the 90s a turning point in public politics is marked, with the signing and implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (TLCAN by its acronym in Spanish) a process begins that allowed that transnational companies, including a diversity of franchises, were inserted in the service sector dynamic. Burger King, as the rest of franchises installed in México and the State of Sonora, is a chain of restaurants specialized in hamburgers. These types of franchises are characterized for its excellent service and quality in its products, which are provided by this food chains worldwide recognized. Fast food restaurants offer the opportunity of ordering in the facilities or in a drive-thru, presenting an alternative of selection according to customers’ preferences. Is well known that these companies invest great sums of money and time in the development and application of new services, products, techniques and equipment used or will be used in the future. The Burger

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