A Brief Note On The Japanese Health Care

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How do the Japanese have access to health care? The have universal access to health care anywhere

in Japan. Any Japanese person can go into a hospital or clinic and receive health care through health

care insurance provided by Japan or the population’s personal employers. All insurers are non-profit.

The Japanese Health Ministry keeps a tight hold on the control of cost on services in the health

industry (Batnitzky, Hayes, & Vinall, 2014). No insurer is allowed to deny someone a claim to see

health care.

The National Health Insurance covers all the bases, inpatient and outpatient care, home care, dental,

prescriptions, long-term care and prosthetics, but it doesn’t include a lot of preventive care for

routine physical exams, some dental services, and over-the- counter medication (Batnitzky, Hayes, &

Vinall, 2014).

Again, access to care if very easy in Japan, but the problem is there in no control over access

to treatment. No gatekeeper to stop a person from going to a specialist that is overworked when they

should have just gone to a regular primary care provider. On average in Japan the population sees

physicians almost 14 times a year, which is three times the number of visits in other developed

countries (Henke, Kadonaga, & Kanzler; 2009

). It’s free so why not see the physician for some things.

Access to care might start to become limited here in the next few years due to the shortage of

physicians and specialists to deal with the population.…
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