A Brief Note On The Problem Of Pollution

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Possible Solution to Pollution
There are four main possible solutions to the problem of pollution. The first is to recycle. “Recycling of urban organic waste brings several ecological advantages that can enhance energy efficiency” (Veenhuizen 224). Many people already recycle, but creating large scale recycling would ensure that everyone can do it. The idea would be to eventually create recycling areas in every city in the country for the people to come and drop off their recyclable items.Then, a company who deals with the recycling of goods would come by and pick them up. The people in charge of outsourcing these jobs will be the government, states, and the cities. The state would overlook the whole operations, while the cities try to …show more content…

The Government could also give the companies who create the energy efficient products tax breaks to lower the prices on their products. This would result in the companies lowering the price for their merchandise, which would make the item more affordable to the average person. More people would buy these products if they receive a tax break for buying them or if the price was lower.
The next solution to solving the pollution dilemma is limiting the smokestack pollution. Massive companies who build factories to build their products can create major problems for the environment. These companies often have large smokestacks at the top of their building where all of the smoke goes that powers the plant. Most companies burn fossil fuels and coal to supply the energy for their company. In fact “The United States relies on the burning of carbon-based fossil fuels for more than 85 percent of its energy needs” (America’s 11). The result of burning recourses like those creates a large amount of pollution. Making companies pay for the amount of pollution they give off would create a sense of responsibility for what they are doing and perhaps change their ways. The way to make the companies pay is by increasing the taxes the company has to pay. The Government would be in charge of checking and placing the companies into the taxing category. It would work for some companies to

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