A Bright Room Called Day by Tony Kushner

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I saw the play “A Bright Room Called Day” by Tony Kushner on the 1st of November. I can say for sure that plays are always different and this play was completely different from the one we watched a couple weeks ago- “Rent”. This play is serious in its content , it is a specific historical play, which took place in Germany, more exactly Berlin, in the 1930s. The story is about five good friends during the time of the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party, the time before World War II. The story surrounded the main character- Agnes, who just loves her home and lives on her own and she thinks that everything will be alright as long as she stays away from negative influences. Representational and presentational acting can be seen in this play and helps us understand the character more. The characters' acting I want to focus on is Vealtinc Husz, the lover of Agnes played by Chase Byrd. He is a one-eyed Hungarian director of movies, who moved to Berlin to became a part of the communist revolution party and ended up meeting the love of his life, Agnes. The main idea of his work, what he was interested in, was to promote propaganda art and also to develop some promotional ideas and changes in the communist community. Husz's problem (and maybe not the best side of his character)is that he talks more rather taking action. One type of acting shown by the character of Husz is representational. This type of acting is playing from the inside. Husz is a person who doesn't know a

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