A Business Leader Of The 21st Century

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Executive Summary
The purpose of this assignment was to critically evaluate and analyse a business leader of the 21st century. For this particular study, the leadership of Bill Gates (Gates) will be discussed and his role in creating a company as big as Microsoft. Bill Gates, a visionary, was responsible for creating this company from the beginning (1975) and has since became one of the world 's wealthiest and richest man. Gates was well known for being extremely intelligent and discontinuing his studies at Harvard to pursue the Microsoft vision.
This paper seeks to evaluate the leadership concepts and theories whilst also discussing relevant contingency models in respect to the leader (Gates), followers and situations. The paper concludes with Gates being an inspiration and transformational leader in what was and what is still, one of the most dynamic industries in the world.

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Bill Gates & Evaluation 4
Leadership Traits of Bill Gates 5
The Interactional Framework 5
Role Theory 5
Multiple-Influence Model 5
The Action - Observation-Reflection Model 5

Normative Decision Model 5
Situational Leadership Model 5
Leading Differently Then Bill Gates 11
Conclusion 11
References 13

Leadership could be considered a process, not a position, so it is important to understand that all leaders vary in the way they will lead. Leadership can be loosely defined as "the process of influencing an organised group towards accomplishing it 's
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