A Career in Criminal Justice

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Poling dates back to 1066 were young men and boys we made to keep night watch to watch other people who inhabited the land that the early Europeans had discovered. Then slowly has the land started industrialized and over populate, the cities had to start creating large paid groups of people to patrol the streets, which soon after were known as police officers. However, it is to be kept in mind that none of the people that were choice to patrol the streets for any trouble that might arise had some to no experience regarding law enforcement or policing.


Educational programs in criminal justice are placed within two core groups. One core group being a degree-granting programs that are focused on psychology, sociology, and law in courses. The other group focused on programs and courses for the law enforcement specialist, which is often taught at professional schools or adult education placements. However, as time went by the two-year college appeared as the proper way for combining the ideas. Associate’s degrees in criminal justice or law enforcement became gradually prevalent and were required by many state and local police employers to complement police academy training. Furthermore, academic accomplishments were and still to this day increasingly intertwine in with promotions and payment increases for police employees. And to this present day, many criminal justice programs continue to be classified under professional education and usually prepare
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