A Case Study of Life Story Shivaji in Creating the Stable Future Within All Threats

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A Case study of Life story Shivaji in creating the stable future within all threats
(A lesson for new age manager)

Objective of the case:
In the midst of all the storms burning the flame of hope and aspiration of independent Maratha Kingdom seems to be absolutely impossible against the shrewd and powerful Mogul ruler like Aurangzeb and global Naval power of Britishers which is a unique lesson which present Indian industry which new age manager can learn to create a stable business empire within all the threats.

It is the case of courage, confidence and conviction to overpower the troops of thousands time more powerful with his military acumen, analytical skill, alertness, adherence to ethics, simple life till the end of his life.
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Maturity attached to state of mind not with age only:
In spite of being the youngest son of the family at early age who could able to justify his right to rule the whole Maratha with his sacrifice, tolerance, concern for other and positive attitude . He had never entered into conflicts with his elder brother to capture the throne.

Though he started his career as independent prince at early age but his perseverance, patients and respect is remarkable as he never utilize the title of King till his father was alive.

He was absolutely free from the attachment of the title and royal hospitality. In 1645 he started his early expedition at the age of 17 with complete success with series of campaign by 1647 could able to capture the fort of Kondana and Rajgad forts and complete control of Pune region. So the maturity is not attached with age it is a state of mind which he had built through training and teaching from the mother and a number of teachers appointed by the father. Jijabai the mother of the lad had instilled a natural love for self determination and an aversion to external political domination. Her commitment for indigenous culture and her tales from the Great Indian epics of Mahabharat and Ramayan along with all the military and cultural training molded Shivaji’s character .In the young age he had shown the maturity of his planning and decision making. As

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