A Child 's Development On The Early Childhood Classroom

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It is clear that play is an intricate part of a child’s development. Nearly every milestone a child accomplishes between the ages of 6 months to 5 years of age, play is how the interpret what they see and hear, and incorporate everyday adult activities in to imaginative play, to mold and shape the characters of their personalities. Like Vygotsky theory, “Children are practicing what they have learned in other settings or are constructing new knowledge, it is clear that play has a valuable role in the early childhood classroom.”

Olivia turned four years old, on September 29, 2012. She is a very intelligent and precocious child, who does want to be the center of attention, but also knows when she has done something wrong. She is not an only child. She has a brother, Kevin, but it she was unclear in when asked if she had siblings. When asked if she had any brothers or sisters, she said, “Yes, but they are my cousins.” It was not until Ms. Liz, the teacher, who overheard my asking Oliva if she had siblings, chime in and say, “You have a brother Olivia, what about Kevin?” “Oh, yeah I have Kevin as a brother,” Olivia replied. She gave me the impression that because I was not asking about her, she was not interested in talking about her brother. Olivia said that she lives with her Mommy and Daddy, and that she always sees her Aunts and cousins. This led me to believe that her family is close, and involved with one another. Olivia is a very attention-seeking child, and likes to be…
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