A Christian Worldview

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Worldview Paper What exactly is meant by a biblical worldview? What is meant by a Christian philosophy of education? Should a worldview reflect different values and beliefs if an educator is a Christian? As a future educator, it is very important to reflect upon these questions as the most important goal should be to reflect the love of Christ whether that be in the public or private school setting. A biblical worldview can be described as viewing the world through a set lenses that allow one to see things with Christian perspective, morals and mindset. Having a solid biblical worldview will change how one acts and reacts in situations, how one speaks, and how one thinks. A Christian philosophy of education is a view of education that places …show more content…

One may be very self aware of their personal worldview, or one’s worldview may be settled deep within the subconscious part of their brain. Everyone in existence has a worldview, but not everyone has a biblical Christian worldview. In his article Developing a Biblical Worldview, Ethan Pope (2002) says “a biblical worldview begins with God in Genesis chapter one, and verse one”. Pope goes on to say that a biblical worldview includes not only one’s view on the world, but other aspects in the world such as the people in it, its issues, the problems and solutions of it, and its government. Looking at Genesis 1:1, it says “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”. This single verse can change a secular worldview into a biblical Christian worldview because this verse is proof that the entire earth is by the design of a Creator, thus eliminating the possibility of any form of evolution. In his article, Pope further continues his defense of the importance of a worldview by arguing that there are two worldviews that exist. There is the biblical worldview based on the framework of God and who he is, and there is the atheistic or secular worldview whose framework is built on nature and man. The secular worldview dismisses God and the need for him, and even at times ignores his existence altogether. Romans 12:2 says “Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your …show more content…

This statement is telling, because it is saying that is absolutely impossible for a Christian to have a philosophy without knowing about God and his truths. According to the article The Philosophy of Christian Education by the NCRA Knights, a Christian philosophy of education is based solely upon the Bible as the basis of all knowledge (p.53). A Bible based philosophy of education intenerates Christian morals, beliefs and truths into everything that is done. Each lesson, each activity and discipline is done so upon a biblical foundation that teaches students from a Christian perspective. From A Christian Philosophy of Education, Eugene Eakin (1949) says that philosophy of education is important because not only does it integrate spiritual and academic knowledge, but it also develops who we are as humans and encourages us to seek beauty, goodness, and truth in the world (p. 35). When examining a Christian philosophy of education, it is also important to take a look at the metaphysical and axiological issues within a Christian philosophy. According to Paul Spears (2003), the metaphysical, deals with the “basic understanding of the nature and purpose of humankind” (p.7). In order to have a basic understanding of something, one must

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