A Common Theme From My Research

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A common theme from my research was that leaders lead by example. In some ways, I do this by being altruistic and selfless. I show others that I put their needs, concerns, and well-being before my own. This helps them understand that I care about them and will not do anything to purposefully bring them into harm. By doing so, followers know that they can trust and rely on me in situations. However, these are not good characteristics for management most of the time. I might put my followers before me and not be an adequate manager. My weakness of undecidedness is a flaw to this leadership trait. People do not want a leader who is afraid to take action and make a quick decision. Leaders need to be able to think quickly and make the best …show more content…

I try to make everyone I work with feel appreciated, which is a good quality to have for both leadership and management. A common management trait that was mentioned throughout my research was the need for structure. This is an area that I need to focus my attention on. I need to be able to set rules and policies for others to follow. I also need to be able to guide others in their daily tasks. I am well organized when it comes to my work and tasks, but not as much when it comes to others. I need to focus my attention on how to manage others and lead them towards success. This management skill is something I can work on even if I am not in a managerial position. There are some aspects of my job that I know better than other people and I can use this opportunity to teach and mentor them. This will provide great practice for when I am in a managerial position. I can use the trial and error method to see what works best for me and the people that I am helping and be able to use the experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. By culturing this from early on in my career, I can gradually expand my strengths and be able to take a managerial position with less worry. Another trait that was mentioned in the TTI assessment was that I can manage tasks and am dependable. These are both important traits and skills to have for both leadership and management. Being able to manage tasks is a no brainer for management.

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