Effective Leadership And Qualities. Richanne Kelley. Lamar

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Effective Leadership and Qualities
Richanne Kelley
Lamar University

Effective Leader Characteristics

There is a difference between a manager and a leader. A true leader not only manages their department, they also encompass relationship-building behaviors such as asking, listening, including, coaching and encouraging. The main characteristics of a highly effective leader are the ability to confront problems, focusing on the goals of your subordinates, and insisting on excellence from your staff. The most memorable leaders in my mind are the ones who would not ask you to do anything they would not do themselves.
In my experience, there are two types of ineffective leaders. The first is the dictator type leader that …show more content…

We then discuss this information with our nurse’s aide so that we are all on the same page. I find that this action makes the other nurses feel that we are all a team willing to work together for the greater good of our patients. It also lessens the pressure for those shifts in which the acuity of a patient assignment may be slightly skewed, and the nurses feel like we are all looking out for each other.
My greatest weakness is being too “task oriented” and losing sight of the big picture. For example, I work in a rehabilitation hospital. Our care is a bit different in that our ultimate goal is getting the patient as independent as possible to transfer home or to assisted living. I try to keep this in mind with every patient as I am assisting them to the toilet, to the meal room, etc. However, there are days when my task list is still a mile long and I am behind. There are times when I am guilty of providing too much assistance for a patient to hurry the process along. I know in my heart that when I do this, I am not helping the patient, only myself. My action plan to remedy this is to stop when I realize I am doing this and allow the patient to complete the task on their own. Instead of worrying about all the minutiae still left in my task list, I will remind myself that this is an important part of this person’s care. It is equally, if not more important than charting their Foley output which will get done. I will also ask my team mates

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