A Common Understanding Of A Business Organization

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It’s a common understanding that a given business organization is established with the main aim of making profits. In order to realize the set goals and objectives of such a business organization, there are certain departments charged with distinct roles within the organization. Furthermore, these goals and objectives are usually defined in terms of economic prosperity that is manifested through huge volume of sales as they reflect huge returns. One of these departments includes the human resources department which has a responsibility of interviewing, hiring, remunerating as well as promoting employees. It’s one of the most important department in a business organization as the employees working under it are the ones who provide the required human labor to the organization. Since the human resources department attends to matters concerning human resource, it has a crucial role of recruiting new employees for a business organization according to their capabilities, experience as well as qualifications. Global Hiring is an important topic HR would have to consider. The Disney Company is a prime example of how to manage the Pros and Cons that come with global hiring.
According to (Adler, Nancy, and Allison, 459), there has been a developing trend among global business organizations to hire employees around the globe. This has been attributed to the need for growth and development to other areas in order to explore new markets. Global hiring refers to situation whereby the
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