A Comparison Of The Dead?

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moving onto another coffin. She now understood the reasons for this dinner. They had planned to undagger the original family in hopes that they would retaliate against Klaus for what he had done to them. She could see that Damon had let the dagger out of Rebekah. “How long will it take?” Damon asked Elijah. “Depends, everyone goes at their own pace.” “This isn't a track meet Elijah!” He snapped. “Lower you voice!” Elijah snapped back, in front of Damon now. “We have to go back downstairs.” Without another glance he walked past Damon, grasping Maddie's hand so that she walked with him. The three of them entered the dining room, or whatever room it was to Klaus to see he and Stefan both standing. “What do you say Klaus?” Damon asked, “Time …show more content…

Klaus held out his hand for Stefan to shake while the others watched. A frown was permanently fixed upon Damon's face. Stefan grasped Klaus' hand in his. Maddie was shocked, her mouth falling open. She never thought that they would actually accept the deal. “Nice try Klaus, but no deal.” She had to admit to herself, she should have known that was coming. She jumped back slightly as Klaus grasped Stefan's hand so hard that he fell to his knees. Seconds later Klaus was sticking Stefan’s hand through the fire. Damon vampire sped over to try and aid his brother but Elijah went and slammed him against the wall, his hand around his throat. “What are you doing?” Asked Damon. Stefan's screams filled the room. “STOP!” Damon yelled as Elijah released him. Klaus turned to them, “Now bring me my coffin before I burn him alive.” “I'll get it,” Damon said bumping against Elijah. “Go with him brother! You keep him honest. And when you return I will make good on my promise to you and I will hand over our family.” Elijah said nothing but went and grabbed Maddie's hand before they left the room together. Damon was no where to be seen but a door could be heard slamming, before Stefan's screams sounded some more throughout the house. Elijah stood still for a moment, glancing down at Maddie before he vampire sped them upstairs to where the coffins and Damon were. It appeared that the younger

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