A Comprehensive Competency Based School Counseling And Guidance And Counseling Program

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This document compiles a comprehensive competency-based school counseling and guidance and counseling program for the Boys and Girls Academy, which is an elementary public educational institution in Alief Independent School District. Alief ISD is a large, diverse urban district, and the Boys and Girls Academy serves approximately 1,000 PreK through fifth grade students. Part I: Foundation • Philosophy At the Boys and Girls Academy, our philosophy is to reach our students by all means necessary. Within the learning community of BGA, the staff is committed to contributing to our students’ learning, achievement, and personal development. We desire that our students reach their full potential, demonstrate self-confidence, learn how to respect themselves and others, as well as demonstrate a willingness to embrace and welcome diversity. • Mission The importance of the Boys and Girls Academy is to inform all stakeholders of the vision of our school. Our main goal is to share the core beliefs we have established and emphasize how these beliefs will help to meet the needs of all students. At the Boys and Girls Academy, our mission is based upon the three R’S, which are Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Ready. It is our goal to change the lives of our students, instill excellent work ethic in them, respect their differences, as well as grow leaders. • Theoretical Perspective My theoretical perspective model is designed to be implemented with elementary aged children,
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