Boys And Girls Club Motivation

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For this agency, this source proved to be helpful in the understanding of the motivations of the children that attend the Boys and Girls Club. This type of knowledge makes it easy to assess why these children are attending the club to begin with, and gauges their motivations for continuing to attend the club. Often when working with children, it is important to understand why the child is there and their level of happiness in what is being done with the program. As a result of the research, one can formulate the program to follow a specific set of rules that could cater to both the strengths and interests of the average child. In that case, the child could maximize their time in the club and become a regular attendee. Further research behind…show more content…
Specifically, researchers were looking at any new skill development for the children, as well as the nurturing of positive behaviors and the development of a relationship with a mentor or staff member (Carruthers and Busser, 2000). The study took place in a major southwest city and it involved 25 interviews with staff members, 17 interviews with the parents of these children, and 61 interviews with the club members themselves (Carruthers and Busser, 2000). Interviews were conducted over five different sites, four of which took place in low socioeconomic areas (Carruthers and Busser, 2000). Two data collection methods were primarily used in order to come to conclusions. The first was researchers who were observing behaviors at any of the given five sites (Carruthers and Busser, 2000). The second was how researchers conducted in-depth interviews (Carruthers and Busser, 2000). The interviews and observations were conducted over a thirty week period and each interview consisted of approximately 12 to 14 interview questions (Carruthers and Busser, 2000). Data was analyzed using the cross-categorical method (Carruthers and Busser,
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