A Day At The Technology Student Association State Conference

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The day my life flashed before my eyes started as though it was any other day at the Technology Student Association State Conference. The day started out with anticipation and excitement for the competitive events held that day. The only competitive event I was to participate in was the Electrathon race, which was scheduled for later that afternoon. The Electrathon Race is an event where we race student designed go-kart sized vehicles that are powered by two twelve volt batteries. The point of the race is to see how many laps you can go in one hour on one battery charge. Even though I was not competing in an event that morning, I still had to dress in khaki pants, a polo shirt, and closed toed loafers to enter and attended the conference sessions. Leaving my hotel room and stepping onto the elevator, I was ready for the day. As I walked out of the revolving door of the Hilton I was excited but nervous for the events to come that day. I crossed the street and headed into the Classic Center. Weaving through the crowds of people I headed to the escalator to go down Grand Hall 8 to find my advisor. As I stepped onto the escalator and headed down, my mind speed up and the nerves kicked in at full speed. I stepped off the escalator and weaving through the crowd again to get to my destination. When I arrived at Grand Hall 8, I found Mr. Morgan ,my advisor. He gave me keys to go check the trailer for helmets. Going back through the crowds, I headed out of the building and out
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