A Day Inside Afghanistan

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In a small, crumbling, mud building, deep inside Afghanistan, a few mullahs sat, drank tea and discussed the future of their country. They watched their homeland plunge into disarray after the withdrawal of the Soviet army and downfall of the Soviet-backed government. Additionally, they witnessed corruption, bloodshed and fellow countrymen living a life other than the prophetic way prescribed in the Hadith. It was with these realizations, and determination to cleanse their homeland, a movement would be in motion that would forever change a nation, while also having a worldly impact. These few men came to be the founders of what the modern world now knows as the Taliban, initially a group who saw themselves as purifiers of an Islamic life gone astray. Through the use of personal experiences, first-hand interviews, published reports and guides, including books written by subject-matter experts, Ahmed Rashid presents factual evidence for accuracy in order to establish significant historical relevance in the book, Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia to depict the uprising of the Taliban in a post-Soviet Afghanistan. Throughout the writing of this book, Ahmed Rashid conducted numerous interviews with former Taliban commanders and mujahideen to give the average person an inside view of not just who the Taliban is, but simply what it is. His book goes into great detail about the history of the Taliban movement ranging from topics of its origins, to how
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