A Description of the Theme of Kingship Found in Corpus Genesis

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Description of the Theme of Kingship Found Within the Corpus Genesis to Joshua Objective The objective of this study is to describe the theme of Kingship as it is found within the corpus of the Genesis to Joshua and to briefly examine its inclusion in the development of the New Testament. Introduction Joshua calls to faithfulness (23024) and is "pivotal to the theology and literature of the Old Testament. In Joshua Israel the land of Canaan (1-12) is allotted as an inheritance (13-19) that fulfills God's promises to Abraham (Gen 12:7; 15-12-16) Joshua frames the entire prophetic corpus with injunctions to obey the teachings of Moses. (1:7-8) The question has arisen as to whether Joshua is history or indeed what type of writing the book of Joshua actually is. History is reported to never be the "simple recording of bare uninterrupted facts about the past." (Creach, 2003) In fact Creach (2003) states that this type of writing, or that of Joshua certainly must have been "classified as the kind of history that was written in the ancient world to trace national origins and to support nationalistic goals. The reading of Joshua has been stated to be such that should be read "primarily and theological literature, not as history in the modern sense." (Creach, 2003, p.5) The story told in Joshua and specifically in verses 2-7, the Israelites are spying on Jericho's King who seeks out the spies and is misled by Rahab resulting in the king and army going on a "wild goose

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