A Dialogue With Autism Spectrum Disorder

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The two children I chose to discuss is Lexi and Wyatt. Both Lexi and Wyatt has ASD also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder. What is interesting about these two children is that although they both have the same disorder they do not act the same. Lexi shows that she has ASD because I see some stereotyped movement that we talked in class such as flapping hand and rocking back and forth. I remember when she is around new people, like enter the the Miracle Project I felt that she was uncomfortable because she was very fidgety, she couldn 't stop flapping her hands and turning in circles.She is quiet and her verbal skills are not high functioning because she is not good at expressing herself. She loses her train of thought easily when expressing…show more content…
Whenever Wyatt is expressively expressing himself he does not look at anyone in the eye. When he was telling his mom about bullies he was looking up to the sky and never looked at the mom expressing. When he was in the circle talking about bullies to everyone, he was looking around the classroom but never at a child or Coach E. Whenever anyone talks to Lexi she also does not look at anyone in the eye. She is usually giggling, scrunching in her shoulders and looking down, never sharing the same joint attention with anyone. Both of these children also show their restrictive activities. I 've noticed that Lexi only likes to sing and Wyatt only likes to talk about bullies and wanting to make friends. When watching this film I saw that many of the families who found out that their child is Autistic it led to an eruption of arguments amongst couples. The couple that stood out to me the most was Lexi 's parents because I felt that they struggled the most because they were not able to be on the same page as to caring and loving After finding out that Lexi was diagnosed with ASD, Lexi 's mom was depressed and was taking medicine to stay sane. She said she was not functioning and at the same time Lexi 's dad was upset with the mom because she couldn 't get herself together for Lexi and let herself become depressed and not functioning. When Lexi was diagnosed with ASD, it became a stressor for
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