Autism Personal Statement

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Originally, I was drawn to speech pathology after my sister’s diagnosis of Autism at the age of three. Watching Diane struggle with language development and acquisition while other children seemed to grasp these skills naturally is what initially sparked my interest in helping families like my own. At the start of my junior year, I set out to obtain experiences working with different populations. Toward the latter half of junior year, I became involved as a clerical volunteer at the Sacramento Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center. By senior year, I was balancing a full course load alongside three volunteer experiences. In addition to Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center, I divided my time between tutoring at a neighboring elementary school in the Twin Rivers School District and serving as an intern at the Autism Center for Excellence (ACE). During my undergraduate experience, I welcomed the opportunity to work with students that struggled with literacy, language, and pragmatic skills. After graduation, it was my goal to obtain additional experience in the field as a speech-language pathology assistant.
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The aforementioned traits have served me personally and professionally in working with individuals with communication disorders. Growing up with a sibling on the autism spectrum has served to enlighten my understanding for the communication and language difficulties my students’ face in their daily lives. Overall, my drive and determination pushes me to strive toward excellence. I hold myself to a high standard of work and performance in any setting or task. These strengths have helped me to become a goal and detail-oriented speech-language pathology assistant. I believe the combination of my education, experiences and personal traits to be assets in the pursuit of a graduate

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