A Difference in Parenting Techniques

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Children swearing chastised based on gender The education of children in the modern day society is more and more emphasized upon as the parents focus more on the emotional and future wellbeing of their offspring. The literature in the field of child education has increased exponentially throughout the past recent decades, as more and more psychologists share their knowledge and seek to transform it into practical advice for the parents (Moran and Malott, 2004). Children are for instance educated to stand up for themselves and speak their minds, unlike their parents who were told to keep their mouths shout and respect their elderly. Children as such taught to be assertive and responsible towards those around them, but also to "play nice" and become integrated within the society. And more and more of the parenting techniques are inspired by studies and psychological input. Aletha Solter for instance, a reputable developmental psychologist conducted numerous studies including testing her theories on her own children, who, she says, turn out just fine and devised new theories on how children should be raised. She militates for a democartic approach, rather than one which is highly authoritarian on the part of the parent. Also, while other parenting books advice the parents on how to stop their child from crying, Solter states that infants and children should be left to cry. In essence, she argues that crying is beneficial for the children as a mechanism of releasing
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