A Digital Forensic Examiner Is On The Receiving End Of The Phone Call

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A cellular phone rings in a Northern Virginia suburban home; it is 3:00 AM. A digital forensic examiner is on the receiving end of the phone call. The local police department is requesting the examiner’s expertise and his state of the art forensic lab. An individual has just been arrested on child pornography charges, as well as, possible drug trafficking. The suspect is believed to be the ringleader in a drug cartel so this has the potential to be a massive investigation. This digital examiner was once a Northern Virginia police officer who was also a digital forensic examiner for the force. He recently established his laboratory and has recently procured the local police department as a client. Although this is his first case with the …show more content…

All devices were found in a powered down state, so once they have taken pictures of the scene in its current state, they begin to catalog and carefully load the items into their van. All while completing chain of custody forms for all items gathered at the scene. On his way back to his office, the veteran examiner was thoroughly impressed with his team’s conduct; they ensured all policies and procedures that the Group 4 Firm had put in place were followed step by step. The officer has worked hard for many years to get to this point in his career. In addition to his due diligence and efforts, he had hired the right company to help him start his business. The story above illustrates what can happen when a laboratory is built from the ground up with the Group 4 Firm’s guidance. As with the forensic investigator described, XYZ, Inc. is in the process of opening a new digital forensics laboratory and is hoping, with Group 4 Firm’s support, their personnel and new facility will achieve success. One may ask what it takes to put a digital forensics laboratory together. With its proven track record, the Group 4 Firm knows what it takes to get the job done. The Group 4 Firm will assist XYZ, Inc. by proposing a plan for a 100-person facility that will work efficiently. In ascertaining the scope of XYZ, Inc.’s investigative services, the Group 4 Firm’s proposal is comprised of numerous considerations, including the (1) physical and

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