A Discourse Of National Identity

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Analysis & Evaluation The two collections articulate a discourse about national identity and how it is reflected in the art produced in the United States. Both museums employing traditional classification from the art history, arranging the collections by period, schools, style, movement, and artists. Both collections approach the paradigms that address the historiography of American Art has established: the Colony, the configuration of the Republic, The Civil War, the Centennial of Independence, Modern art or European influence. In turn, each collection reserves a spot to talk about the universal pictorial genres such as landscape, portrait, peasant scenes, women in the art, and paintings of everyday life. However, from the beginning one can see the different reality in which every museum and its collection operate. When you enter to the galleries of the Brooklyn Museum, the amount of information in a small space is overwhelming. Only eight galleries, plus the Luce Center, are the spaces available to display, many times in a single room: painting, sculpture, decorative arts, furniture, and historic interiors using colorful shaded walls, in order to introduce visitors to an epochal atmosphere by looking at themes of globalization and cross-influences among cultures. The collection is divided thematically based on the historiography of art or pictorial genres. The color of the walls and an information poster are an indication that you have moved to a new space and into
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