A Doll House. Torvald Qualities

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Does Torvald have redeeming qualities? Yes he does. Torvald is a lawyer, meaning he’s wealthy. It’s very obvious that he loves his wife Nora; he gives her whatever she wants within reason and is a great provider. Nora, in my opinion is what we call a “gold digger” now and days. She’s is constantly asking for money from her husband Torvald and spending it on things that she honestly doesn’t need, she just likes money. Nora’s running over him and he is completely blind to see it. In Act 1, it’s made clear that Torvald has redeeming qualities. In the story it is Christmas, the glorious holiday season. Torvald is all about keeping his wife happy as it seems, Nora wants an extravagant Christmas this year. He isn’t too fond of the idea, he …show more content…

He never wanted her unhappy or upset with him. But no matter what he did, he was always at fault for something; Norma never seemed to be completely happy. All Torvald did was fire Krogstad, and his marriage went into jeopardy. Nora decided to leave. She’s not even taking their children with her. She tells Torvald that she’s “sure” she’ll think of him and the children often. Nora gave Torvald the keys to their home and told him it’s

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