A Dream : A Short Story : The Story

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“I am so excited to see grandma! I haven’t seen her in two years.”
Jacks mom replied, ”I know sweetheart; she is excited to see you too.” They quickly packed the rest of Jacks bags and headed out to the car. Maneuvering through traffic, they finally made it to the airport.
“I miss you already,” Jack texted his mom as he walked on to the plane.
“Have fun! We will see you soon,” his mom texted back.
Jack found his seat on the plane, stowed away his carry-on bag and then sat down. He began daydreaming of seeing his grandmother and all the fun things they would do together.
The plane took off and Jack put on his ear buds and continued to daydream. An hour into his flight, the pilot came over the speakers and announced they would have to go through a blizzard on their approach to Denver, so to fasten their seat belts and expect some turbulence. Soon thereafter, the plane started bouncing so much that Jack became afraid. Suddenly all the lights turned off, the oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling, and the plane began to nose dive. Jacks heart filled with fear as he heard screaming. He could hear metal cracking right before he blacked out. Jack woke up, thinking it was only a nightmare, but quickly realized this was not a dream. He looks around and realized that his plane had crashed in to the mountains of Colorado. It was cold and dark and Jack started freaking out. He wondered if he would ever see his family again. Jack unbuckled his seat belt and found a

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