A Dream : A Story Of A Dream In The Dream

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Right now I am hundreds of feet over the ocean while holding one hundred balloons, but first let me tell you how I got here. It all started like this; I was going to the balloon store. It was my cousins 16 birthday and there was going to be a big party. I was assigned to get the balloons. So, I did. I walked into the store, to be greeted by an old man. The man wore old fashion clothes and had hair as white as paper. I told the man I need some balloons, and he asked, “How many would you like?” “100 should be fine” I replied. “That’s a lot of balloons sir, you don’t want to float away” The old man said. In my mind I laughed. He started to fill up the balloons and it was at that moment that I started to worry. Was it possible to float away I said to myself, no stop that’s impossible I convinced myself. The balloons were done and I payed and managed to get them out the door. Then somehow, I started to float, higher and higher. And I quickly rose to an alarming height, too high to jump. People got out of their cars pointing, screaming and murmuring among themselves “that man’s floating” How did he get up there?” “Should we help him?” But it was too late. That brings us to the present, 1 day later (at least I think) floating over the ocean.

My trip has been pretty straight forward I think. When I looked at my phone before it ran out of battery it looked like I was headed to Hawaii, which is pretty awesome in my opinion. But the things I have seen have are making the trip

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