A Experiment On Breaching Experiment

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Breaching Experiment The first norm I violated was sitting with my own “clique” during lunch. This is more than common in high schools and even middle schools. In regards to social control, this norm creates a spot in society for an individual, giving them a sense of belonging. This sense of belonging leads to self-assigned seats and allows people with similar interests or ideals to be better connected. To violate this norm I sat with people who did not know who I am without asking prior to sitting down. There are a lot of possible reactions that could have been a result of violating the norm. Before I began the experiment I figured students would try to focus on their food as a mean of avoidance. If not that, then maybe they…show more content…
The other boy took off his earbuds and told me about his classes. As long as the subject was school, the conversation moved smoothly. The most important part was the interaction between the both of them. The second boy tried to get the first one to “be kind” and talk to me instead of using his phone, but he protested that he was shy. What stuck out the most was when “Boy #2” told “Boy #1” to “just be himself.” It implied that he was actually more talkative and that I made him uncomfortable. Despite this it really wasn’t that bad. The first boy even admitted that if I sat there more often it wouldn’t take long to see him “act weird,” which I later learned meant how he normally acts. The second day was on March 24th at 12:21pm. I sat down across from a girl at a table that was a lot less populated than the one next to it. I was early for lunch that day so I thought there would be more people coming to sit down but it turned out that this girl sat alone. It took me a minute or two to come to that realization so by the time I said “hi,” it was awkward. However, we broke that awkwardness and exchanged names soon after. I started to ask more open-ended questions about her family and the day she was having. She told me about herself as long as I asked but kept it at that. There were no questions directed towards me and her voice was very quiet. For the times she didn’t know what to say she would keep her eyes on her

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