A Framework For Building A Foundation Of Ethical Leadership

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In this book, author Robert Starratt provides a framework for building a foundation of ethical leadership based on responsibility, authenticity, and presence. Readers should understand that this book is not how to transform schools, but how to think about affecting change in our teachers, staff, and students. Author’s Background and Credentials Dr. Robert Starratt is a professor of education at Boston College. Before his current position, he had an extensive career as a teacher and principal of several schools in Colorado, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. He earned his doctoral degree from the University of Illinois. Dr. Starratt is known as a learning expert in moral and ethical issues in education and has published numerous …show more content…

Professional Reflection/Application Starratt’s work resonates with any educational change initiative, but this book has added dimension and depth to my work. Every day I attempt to orchestrate organizational change in dysfunctional special education departments that serve special needs individuals. First, Starratt (2004) makes it clear that an overarching goal of an effective and ethical educational leader is not only to identify the critical areas of concern, but to initiate the change needed to uphold and enhance the “common good.” In my current career, that applies to special education systems requiring reform where unwilling administrators do not reorganize priorities for that to happen. While the definition of the phrase, “the common good” may be unclear, when it comes to initiating change in special education practices, the indisputable outcome should be the ownership of all special needs students by every staff member. Second, Starratt (2004) suggests that the moral challenge presented to all educational leaders is embodied in the two sides of moral responsibility: avoid the bad, but perhaps more importantly, do the good. Indeed, educational leaders are granted the power and authority to do either or both, yet I do not believe they fully recognize the impact of the power and authority that they are permitted to wield. Throughout my career,

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